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Brian Tong is a long time favorite of Design By Humans and we're always watching him on The Apple Byte in his fresh new tees. We've asked him to share with us his favorites tees each month. Click "Thumbs up" below if you agree with his Design By Humans picks.

Mar 2016

A fun cartoony depiction of the Chinese Zodiac Calendar

When there's a Bruce Lee tee out there that looks this good you always get it. Match 'em with some yellow kicks.

I don't think you're ready...for this jelly. Perfect with any purple toned kicks!

Feb 2016

Gotta love the bamboo reflections in the shades. A Perfect match with the Kobe VI Grinches.

Nov 2015

If I'm wearing this shirt. You know what time it is.

Sake vs Maguro. We all win.

Love the geometric design mixing shapes and colors together for the great outdoors.

Sep 2015

DBH pick for Brian, knowing he's a fans of sharks and the ocean!

Navy shirts is the theme this month and I'm an ocean lover.

The Star Wars hype train is building and I'm on board! Classic quotes from your favorite protocol droid.

Jul 2015

Love the flat icon style nature of this shirt

Dig the colors bringing the big waves to space

It's Tea Time with style...from the sky

May 2015

Truly man's best friend in outer space.

The galaxy's most feared bounty hunter is a no brainer.

I dig the iconic Stormtrooper helmet with a stylized treatment.

Mar 2015

One of my favorite fruits in this geometric style design

Feb 2015

Look you see it?

Surfing on a Koi fish. Can't beat it.

The real star of the Superbolw XLIX!

Dec 2014

I've go lots of love for the Lebron South Beach colorway shirts.

It might be winter, but I'm still thinking about beaches. South Beaches.

Nov 2014

Love the color scheme and the abstract use of the Panda face. A perfect shirt for purple fans.

Shine bright like a diamond...

Sep 2014

The origami crane with an edge, wishing good luck to all!

A classic image for the G.O.A.T.

Aug 2014

A Panda with an attitude. Yes.

This is the ultimate Guardian of the Galaxy, spinning Saturn on his finger tip. A perfect match with the Galaxy Foamposites.

Jul 2014

I'm going with an ocean theme, and these graphic waves flow perfectly with the Lebron IX South Beach kicks.

Hawaii is like a second home to me, and I've gotta have this turtle tee to go with my Jordan Green Glows.

Love this design and the inclusion of art inside of the whales.

Jun 2014

I grew up worshipping the Fab Four Heroes in a Halfshell. Must Have.

Apr 2014

This takes me back to Hawaii and ending the day with the last wave.

Mar 2014

The fiercest bowl of ramen you'll ever have. Nom Nom Nom.

Love the colors and the two different styles of sketch work and paint brush strokes.

This visually abstract and really unique design brings something different to DBH.

Feb 2014

Love the paint brush feel to this picture with Koi fish that represent perseverance.

Jan 2014

A little fun with the Chinese Yin and Yang. I dig modern twists on traditional symbols.

Sep 2013

A fierce looking tee with Hydro74's unique artistic style. No monkeying around here. This shirt is all business.

Aug 2013

Let's go to space. Love the colors, against the muted background. Plus, these are a perfect match for the Kobe 8 Easter's.

The Yin Yang represents the way of life and how opposite forces are interconnected. The koi fish represents perseverance in adversity. This killer design brings them together.

A real message with style. A tribute to the panda and all animals that are battling extinction. This is a can't miss.

Jul 2013

Do I really have to explain why this is amazeballs? The paint brush style of one of the all-time great Street Fighters is all you need.

I really dig the natural color tones on this shirt with the combination of death and beauty of nature that makes for a great contrast.

Jun 2013

I'm loving the hand drawn feel of this piece and the contrast of a beautiful girl in a toxic environment. It makes a statement about our current world, with and edge.

One of my favorite shirts on DBH all-time combining vivid colors, a fierce feline and the perfect match for my Lebron 8 Pre-Heat kicks. Look 'em up.

May 2013

Bright popping colors on a Samurai figure that's typically set against darker colors and tones. This guy stands out

I love this take on the classic tiger pose that you've seen in many Asian art pieces. Now I can wear it.

It's a bold and colorful take on the king of the jungle and this shirt will go with almost any pair of Lebron's. Gimme.

Apr 2013

If you can't tell already, I'm a big kdeuce fan. This exploded skull with its neon colors won me over right when I saw it.

Another sick kdeuce design with his signature brush strokes that will match any classic pair of Jordans that you want to rock it with.

Love the subtle colors and pencil art style with one of the most detailed shirts you can find on Design By Humans.

Mar 2013

This Collective shirt from dzeri29 shows off a panda like you've never seen before. The neon paint drips against a black shirt make this one pop. Plus, I like pandas.

I'm a fan of DBH's Collective shirts, because you can pick your own color with the design. Love this brush painted geisha against a red or purple shirt.

I have the original, and this new color scheme is darker and bolder with the silver shark. And that gold tooth!

Feb 2013

It's the Year of the Snake for Chinese New Year, and Mr. Nicolo brings another killer and impactful design that matches a bunch of my Kobe Bryant kicks.

A bad ass Manga Style girl with guns. 'Nuff said.

Jan 2012

kduece has been on of my favorites on DBH since day one with his Asian influenced tees. Plus, the red and black color combo works with any pair of Jordans.

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