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Nicolo Nimor
About the Artist

Mandaue City, Philippines
Freelance Graphic Illustrator // Art Director + Lead Designer + CEO of NICK AUTOMATIC // Traveler // Musician

Anyone who is not familiar with MR-NICOLO (AKA Nicolo Nimor) or his work you should get out from under that rock and check him out! MR-NICOLO is one of the lead illustrators at Design By Humans who inspires artists across the globe with his slick line work and bold images. This talented illustrator hails from the Philippines, a recent hot bed of talent and he is only just getting started in what promises to be a long a successful design career.

MR-NICOLO is a busy guy with a client list that includes Forever the Sickest Kids, Warner Bros, The Devil Wears Prada, New Found Glory, Pyknic, Electric Zombie and Rockett Clothing. That's just the beginning as he also runs his own brand called Nick Automatic. He is gathering a strong following and gaining the attention of some impressive clients across the apparel scene.

Design By Humans first got acquainted with Nicolo when he submitted Dino Frenzy back in October 2008. The design was printed and was an immediate hit. Still in the Top 50 4 years later it's a definite classic in the Design By Humans catalog. Since then Nicolo has gone on to bag four more wins and a DBH Collective store.

Nicolo delivered a unique piece for the TDKR contest at Design By Humans in 2012 with his portrayal of Bane. He took 4th place out of thousands of submissions and the design is still popular today. His slick line art has elevated his work to a new height and set him apart from the rest of the artists in the apparel industry. In his own words he explains, "Ever since I started designing I have always used bold lines and bright colors. I always wanted to incorporate my own design style." Ever evolving he challenges himself every time he picks up a pencil "every time I draw a new entry I want to step it up and improve. I am trying to play with my style combined with new techniques."

Nicolo is no stranger to marketing himself as an artist and understands the importance of getting his work out there "It's the power of Social Media, I have my friends on my Facebook, a huge following on twitter and I am on tumblr also. " An active artist with the passion and drive Design By Humans loves, he was a natural choice for a Collectors edition. Five mind blowing designs from one of our most successful artists for a great price. Available for a limited time, get yours now to avoid disappointment. Please be upstanding for a very upstanding artist, Nimor Nicolo.

Collective Store

Collective Store

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Prints / Wins 4
Votes Received 1538
Votes Given 13
Comments 18
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100% Cotton DBH Premium Tee

100% combed ringspun cotton; garment-dyed for premium softness and minimal shrinkage.

Men's Length (in) Width (in)
Small 28 19
Medium 29 20
Large 30 21.5
X-Large 31.5 23.5
XX-Large 32.5 25
Men's Length (cm) Width (cm)
Small 71.1 48.3
Medium 73.7 50.8
Large 76.2 54.6
X-Large 80 59.7
XX-Large 82.6 63.5

100% Cotton DBH Premium Tee

100% combed ringspun cotton; garment-dyed for premium softness and minimal shrinkage.

Women's Length (in) Width (in)
Small 25 15
Medium 25.5 16.5
Large 26 17
X-Large 27 18.5
Women's Length (cm) Width (cm)
Small 63.5 38.1
Medium 64.8 41.9
Large 66 43.2
X-Large 68.6 47