Bright Futures - Neon Art Contest - 1st place wins $1,500
1st place - Defragged by kdeuce

Design By Hümans Presents, Bright Futures Neon Art Contest

When British chemists Sir William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers discovered neon in 1898 I bet they didn't think they would be the ignition that started a whole fashion movement 90 years later. Psych! The eighties were rife with neon pink, green, yellow and blue and it was radical. As with all cool styles they roll around again years later. The neon chic of the MTV era is back! Bright bold colors are back in fashion and we at Design By Humans want to get our funky 80's vibe on.

We challenge YOU to design a T-shirt based around NEON colors. You must use only the pantone colors listed below and you must make it righteous! Dazzle us with a brilliance of color and reference all that was epic about the 80's as inspiration. The theme and imagery is all up to you but neon colors must be included. Any designs containing different colors will not be accepted. Submissions will be judged on your creative use of neon colors, cool trend setting imagery and overall reaction to this design brief. Put on your Wayfarer sunglasses, crank up the beats and drop some bodypoppin' moves because this is gonna get funky! Go forth artists and express yourselves with the neon design that will light up the dancefloors across the globe. We'd wish you good luck but you won't need it.

Contest Guidelines

  1. Participants can submit as many designs as they want, no limit.
  2. This design must be 100% your own work, please do not submit art that is produced by someone else. Proof of original source material may be required to be eligible to win prizes.
  3. DO NOT use images directly taken from a third party/ use protected symbols/logos or characters that may have copyright protection.
  4. DO get creative; but remember your design MUST contain the specified Pantone colors in your entry.
  5. All submissions will be approved/rejected at DBH's discretion. If your design is rejected you will be given a reason why.
  6. Maximum use of colors for standard and oversized prints is eight and three for all over prints.
  7. You can ONLY use these pantone colors in your entry - 801C, 802C, 803C, 804C, 807C, 808C, 809C, 810C, 811C, 812C, 813C, 814C and Black

You can ONLY use these Pantone Colors in your entry!














Contest Deadlines

  • January 25, 2013
    Contest & Voting begins
  • February 15, 2013
    Submissions End
  • March 6-8, 2013
    Winners are announced


  1. 1st Place
  2. 2nd Place
  3. 3rd Place
    $750 + Goodie bag
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