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AI vs PSD vs CorelDraw

posted by dicsyen • 1 decade ago

Just to ask,among the 3 graphic softwares (Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw) which one is preferred and mainly used by designers od DBH?

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I love Corel Draw myself. It’s less expensive, uses less ram, and I get really nice results if I want to combine vector and bitmaps. If I need to design something for an adobe user I can simply save a version in AI format, PDF, SVG, or PSD if I’m using painter. I’ve never had a problem doing this for clients. I’ve also never had any trouble editing downloaded resources and assets. I’ve also got a built-in Pantone guide. Draw and Illustrator essentially do all of the same things, it’s just that there are so many people in the industry using Illustrator that it’s developed a better reputation than Draw. If you go to a lot of countries in Europe though, it’s the exact opposite.

I prefer PHOTOSHOP...:D

now i do with photoshop :) goodbye corel

When you view a painting, does it matter to you whether the painter used a horse-hair brush or a synthetic one?
Use the tools you are comfortable with, and your art will benefit from it. Your post makes quite clear you prefer Corel to PS, so why even consider changing?

LOL, forget that last line… I read slamgirl65’s post as if it was the OP…. my bad.

I don’t used Corel Draw before .
Photoshop and Illustrator are completely dissimilar and used for different things. if you want to focus on editing images that have a ton of details on them and are focused more on 3D editing and effects, pick Photoshop. If you want to focus on simpler and vector oriented images, then go with Illustrator .

When Adobe Photoshop is going to edit raster image, which is used for the web & digital designs. On the other side, Illustrator for the vector image used for printable design files.

There is no bitmap editing in Illustrator , but you can use Photoshop with a linked bitmap and achieve much of the same. I have a XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro Display Drawing Tablet to use with Illustrator for node editing and drawing new art.

Adobe has some really good products and I love them, yes, the new pay per month fee it’s a little expensive for some. My advice for you is to first download and use Corel products in trial mode and see if you could actually work with them, for me personally, its impossible.

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