How to create smoke?

posted by ApathyDinosaur • 8 years ago

Hey just need some help with how to make smoke kinda like in this design

My aim is like black smoke but just wisps of it, very subtle. Just confused on how to create it haha. Thanks in advance

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No I could just move the triangles and make smoke adjustments

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Yeah you could, but it’s up. So you have to e-mail them, ask them to take it down, then resub it again.

no.. people can vote for it and if they like it and if it is decided to get printed then they will tell me what necessary adjustments i have to make. Kinda like with lastsoundtracks print. the tigers colors were changed.

Oddeti Oddeti Artist

They did that because the felt like it. Not because it wasn’t printable. Seriously, you will have to change it for it to ever be printed. We know what we are talking about.

uhmm…. then why did he approve it in the first place?

Oddeti Oddeti Artist

Honestly, and no offense, but I was wondering the same thing.

Well heres the thing, its no big deal. If it does and you’ve obviously made it apparent that it will not be picked its a quick and easy edit and it wont change the overall design very much at all. thanks for notifying me about the aspects of printing though, its good to know for the future.

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