Digitall Coloring Tips and Tricks!

posted by ApathyDinosaur • 8 years ago

Hey, this seems like a great place to link to tutorials on how to color and improve your vector art. I would definitely like to get better at shadowing and all that jazz so if anyone has tips or tricks just link to another site or just explain right in the comment. \

Should also talk about which tablets are the best =D

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Say you did a watercolor piece , how could it be vectorized?

asher2789 asher2789 Artist from United States
ApathyDinosaur said: Say you did a watercolor piece , how could it be vectorized?

it doesnt need to be. they can do simulated process here (i think?) or they just colour separate it themselves. le tigre, a shirt i actually own, is an excellent example of this. and the shirt print quality is insane – one of the best prints ive ever seen. it used seven (!) inks to make, and was definitely a watercolour to start with. if you go this route you have to be sure to get a good scan of it at print size or it wont be usable.

btw, i dont really do watercolour for t shirt design – but a lot of people do. im on a tight linework with few colours binge right now, style wise.

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