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Banner upload

posted by Arcuedes • 4 years ago

Hello all. I’m trying to upload a banner for my store. I’ve resized an image according to specs and opened it but nothing appears in the banner area. I’ve also tried dragging the image over to aforementioned area and still nothing. Am I missing something? Thanks.

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issue still occurring. Also sent email to support weeks ago and still no response. :/

@ReleasethePhoenix Please send your username and store banner file to

Me too. Email sent with bannerfile. What gives? Thank you CassieDBH!
Store: VikkiKing

Having the same issue & sent an email in 2 weeks ago with store name & the banner file, but still no response?
The only reply I’ve received was the automated one that told me my request # (#182081)

Would really appreciate some help with this!
Thank you~

I am facing the same issue what should I do?

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