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Collective Artist Tips: Designing for Apparel

posted by CassieDBH • 5 years ago

At DBH apparel is one of our best selling product types. Here we’ll talk more about our printing process and how to make your designs stand out on all of our apparel options.

Printing Process

All garments from Artist Collective shops are printed using Direct to Garment (DTG) machines. DTG print technology allows Design By Humans to “print to order” your designs on any of our different colored apparel blanks. When uploading your designs for apparel we recommend choosing the maximum number of compatible blank colors for each apparel type to give your customers as many custom options as possible. More color options equals more sales!

Utilizing Transparency

With all that said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing blank colors for your designs. The first is that black ink does not print well on black, charcoal or navy apparel. If you’ve created a design that primarily utilizes dark ink and you only want to print your design on dark colored apparel, we recommend utilizing transparency so that your artwork utilizes the fabric color as part of the design. This same concept applies anytime you have ink in your design that matches the color of your blank.

Here are great examples of utilizing transparency

On dark apparel:

On light apparel:

Tailoring Your Design

Making sure that the main element of your design is clipped out and on a transparent background is the best way to make your art look awesome on apparel. Remember that when uploading your designs you can upload different versions that are tailored to each product category. Here’s an example of how to tailor your design for different product types:

Sizing Your Design

With a maximum size of 18.7” tall by 14.8” wide, our DTG machines allow the largest printable area in the industry and DBH customers love our large prints! To really make a statement you can utilize the full printable area by selecting the fit-to-canvas option.

As always, if you ever run into any art related questions, be sure to let us know in the Collective Artist forum or email us here: [email protected]

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What a great T- Shirt !

One question that doesn’t fit the topic much… Is there any chance that the DBH will add children apparel also somewhere in the future?

It’s something we’ve been kicking around now that we have a fully operational battle station.. er.. DTG print facility.

what is a good resolution to start with? I was working in a maximum file of 3500×3500 pixels, but it sounds like I can go a lot bigger…

Nice tips Cassie

Very cool

Beautiful, very thanks

Very clear! Now I understand! Thanks.

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