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posted by Momech • 3 years ago

Hi everybody!

Total newbie here, putting together my first sub for DBH... I have a question:

I downloaded the full submission kit, looking to place my artwork on an ASPHALT colored t-shirt (from the DBH/Pantone t-shirt swatch guide) but there is no ASPHALT mock-up in there!

Are the colors in the full sub kit the only colors DBH print on? If they do print on ASPHALT, why isn’t it included in this kit?

Grateful for any tips or pointers :-)


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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

The kits were made to make life easier for designers but since they were made we have added other colors, so many colors that we didn’t want to make the resource huge. There is a dark grey which is pretty close (lead). If you wanted the tee to look more asphalt you could tweak the template in photoshop. These guides are merely offered as a starting point. Many designers use their own templates.

aspeneddiee aspeneddiee Human from United States

you have design this shirts very creatively and you have used nice color combination… great work

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