How do I create halftones?

posted by Dusit • 6 years ago

Hi guys!

First of all I want to thank you all, this amazing site has inspired me further than I had ever thought possible. I received a couple of shirts trough the mail today and the printing jobs DBH did are amazing. I especially like “Immerse Yourself”. It is so vibrant.

Now to the point, i want to contribute too to the site, I still can’t do good with the wacom so I picked up my old gear and started drawing by hand. Bought a scanner so i could scan them in and use them. But now I have a drawn image in photoshop, and ofcourse with the paper as backbround. Is there a good and easy way to make the background transparent and leave the pencill lines, or do I have to go oldfashion and erase the background by hand?

And also, I plan on shading it with color in some places, I’ve read that it has te be done with halftones, I’ve never used those. So how do I create them?

I know i’m asking a lot, but if you can link me to a guide on the web somewhere that’s fine too:)

Thanks all!!!

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melanies_felony melanies_felony Artist from Melbourne, Australia

Are you on photoshop? it’s quite easy. choose the layer with the gradient (or whatever it is you’re converting to a half tone) bring it into a new file. Click on ‘image’, then ‘Mode’ (first in list), then ‘Grayscale’. then once again click iamge, then mode, now click bitmap, under method choose ‘halftone screen’, click okay, then choose the frequency and angle (it may take some toying around to see what works less frequency the larger the halftone, I generally have the angle at 45), under shape choose round, click okay. Now all you have to do is bring the piece back onto your original image and convert it to the desired colour and your done. There are plenty of tutes on the net that will go into better detail then I just did.

Dusit Dusit Artist

Thank you very much for responding melanies:) I knew it was gonna be something easy, but being a firsttimer and all. But it certainly worked so thanks!

And by the way, i got your shirt in the mail too (site of sound) like it very much!! didnt notice the splatter till i got the shirt my hand.You did an awesome job!

melanies_felony melanies_felony Artist from Melbourne, Australia

Thanks Dusit, glad you like the tee and glad the halftones worked!

robniel robniel Artist

melanie after ive done what you said,,,how can i return back to rg mode?i already tried giong to rgb but when i tried to make color changes nothing happen…the image was in rgb…why is that so or did i do somethng wrong ,,,pls help dude,,

melanies_felony melanies_felony Artist from Melbourne, Australia

You didn’t do anything wrong, you have to take the area into a new file and turn it into a halftone then copy it and paste it into the original file. The file you turn into a halftone becomes a bitmap because that’s how bitmaps handle gradients. So just take it and place it where it belongs in the original file and cut away the white background :)

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