Any way to change the thumbnails?

posted by DavidisGamingHD • 6 days ago

Sorry to be a pain, but is there any way I can change my thumbnails? My latest (Polar Bear design) is using a weird blue, and I’d prefer the lighter blue (like the Print version) as the thumbnail.

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I’d also like to know how to choose the image that shows when a customer clicks my username. At the moment it uses a transparent background for a tshirt, but without the tshirt so it looks awful. I want to switch it to the image I use for the art print.

OK so I figured out that I can change store them to photo which is slightly better but I’d still rather have the art print be the first thing the customer sees in some cases, is tha possible?

@WeeBird- Currently you can only either set your default images to the art itself (it’ll default to the artwork you updated for apparel), or to product flat shots (this will also default to apparel unless you’ve selected art prints only as the product type, mugs only, etc.)

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