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Upload Custom Banner

posted by BenEphla • 1 year ago

I’ve been trying to upload my new custom banner, I read in the forums that the team were working on fixing the issue with the uploader 6 months ago, was wondering when this feature would be fully working and allowing me to update/upload a new banner to my store page. Many thanks.

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Hi @BenEphla- Please send your username and banner file to for us to test out.

@CassieDBH Hi, I sent the e-mail with the username and image a few hours ago, did you get it? All the best.

@BenEphla- I’m not seeing that the email came through on our end. Please re-send. Thanks!

Sent it again. I got an automated message the first time, but with the 2nd time sending it! Lemme know if it needs a “Third Times the charm” send. Thanks

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