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change username

posted by cmwarne • 2 years ago

How would I go about changing my username. I would like the one I have to be the same as my Instagram page.

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@cmwarne- Unfortunately, usernames and store names cannot be changed in our system. In order to change your store name you would need to remove all of your products in your current store and reapply for a new store which would require you to reupload all of your products. One thing to keep in mind with this option is that all of your sales data will be lost from your previous store. If this is a route you would still like to go in, please contact us at and we can help you get your current account closed.

@CassieDBH thank you for the info. I will just keep the name I got. Sounds like a lot of work to change it now.

is there really no other weay to change this? I have been sighned up with DBH for over 15 years now IO think and I would really like to rebrand. making a new acount will keep all my sales. is there somethign we can work out privatly?

@biotwist- Nope, unfortunately there is no functionality to change account names.

If I delete my account can I make a new one with the previous email and rename my store ?

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