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Hats, how do I get "hats" as a product in my store?

posted by HHNPaintball • 3 years ago

I’m not only interested in “hats,” but that’s what I have an order for at the moment. How or where do I go to create the other merchandise I see available by other stores on DBH?

If I need to be particular about the hats I’m interested in having made: – Snap back – Flex fit

Other Items I’m interested in having made. – Misc (pens, notebooks) – Jerseys – Pants – Gear Bags – Folding chairs – Canopy – mask straps – barrel covers – gloves

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At this time hats are not available. ~that’s the word from the top.

That is a shame, As it is one of the reasons I have decided to have my procuts here, instead or my previous site.
Do we know if this will be coming back, I have also noticed other products that are not available when i try to add a product. Have those been removed to ?

I’m in that same boat Miscreated. I really need hats and have been sourcing them elsewhere, although not convenient. The other custom items are currently NOT available either.

Have you been successfuk yet in adding other products? I just came across your discussion and I too can see that other people have other products availbale and yet I do not have the option to create them. I did email DBH but did not really get a clear answer.

Has there been any development on this over that last couple of years? Are you able to add custom products – Hats being the primary example? :)

You can find information on specialty products here:

A good product

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