Traffic breakdown?

posted by Snazzygaz • 4 years ago

Hi DBH crew, is there any possibility of a traffic breakdown of point of origin in the stats similar to imgur uploads

This may prove quite useful when assigning ad resources and seeing who is most effective and where to spend more money etc.

(Personally I’m just seeing weird traffic to a design and wanna know where it’s coming from lol)

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

That isn’t a small thing so I couldn’t give you a yes or no on it. It’s something we’ve talked about internally before, but nothing concrete has ever been decided.

Honestly, I don’t see us implementing that though. It’s more likely we’d create a spot for you to insert your own GA code and you could track stats within your own GA account.

Again, just a thought and there is nothing on the calendar for that at this time.

Snazzygaz Snazzygaz Human from Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Yeah I remember having a discussion with someone there that it was a bit of a headache to get together, 3rd party tracking would probably be most feasible.

Gracias Inked

mkronline mkronline Human from Georgia, United States

@Inked I would love that. Google Analytics and GWT (comes with GA integration) are the only reason I promote my Redbubble store over my DBH store.

thenWHAT thenWHAT Human from Germany


Requesting GA integration for my DBH presence.

Google or not, I’m surprised analytics won’t gather more attention from DBH, since it would strongly benefit all, DBH and artists alike, at a comparatively small dev cost.

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