order missing - no response from dbh

posted by robfabra • 3 years ago

I ordered a couple of t-shirts on April 8th but they never arrived.
The tracking number provided by DBH doesn´t exist, according to Fedex.
I´ve written about this order a couple of times but never received any response.
Could you just refund the order, please.
Order #429238

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hello robfabra,

I looked into your issue and it appears you emailed us on June 10th, at 7:14am and we responded back to you on the same day at 8:30am. Unfortunately we never received a response back from you until you submitted new support tickets this morning.

Since it appears customer service is taking care of you, i’ll let them continue. A note for the future, I see you submitted 4 tickets. Please only submit 1 in the future, the more you submit the longer it takes because we have to merge all of them to make sure we have the entire thread before responding.


robfabra robfabra Human from Brazil

Thnak you for your response. I never got your email on the 10th of June. Could you please inform the situation on this order?

Thank you

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