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posted by LailaMay • 3 years ago

I put a couple of shirts in my cart with the intention to decide later which ones I was actually going to buy but after a few logins the cart was suddenly empty. Is it programmed to empty itself after some time or was it a mistake? and is there some other way to “save” designs so you don’t have to go looking for them again?

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Finnman Finnman Human from Canada

I had this same problem. Added a bunch of shirts to my cart from work, then continued from home later that evening. I then noticed that the earlier designs were no longer in my cart.

Beckie Beckie Human from United States

I had the same thing happen. They just lost out on a $400 order. I don’t want to spend hours searching again for the tees that I like.

XDot XDot Human from Greece

yes its there some years.
sometimes you get an email with some ninja that stole your cart and you can see what products you had in your cart but that email doesnt always come.

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