Printing on the back/other areas of the tshirt

posted by Polkip • 2 years ago

Firstly massive hello to everyone here :) super impressed with all the artists I’ve seen so far.

I was wondering why we don’t offer an option of printing on more than just one part of the t-shirt?

I realise cost is probably a deciding factor in this, but it would really offer the artists on the site here to add extra creativeness to the tshirts, we could maybe upload a standard basic t-shirt with a print on the front, and then a more costly option would be with another part of the design featuring on the back or the arms of the tshirt.


Also apologies if this has already been posted before or recently.

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hi Polkip,

Products created for your store are printed via the DTG process. While it is largely automated it does require some interaction on the part of the person monitoring and loading blanks onto the printer. Shirts are fit onto a pallet of a fixed size which is the printable boundary we provide you.

Allowing you to setup multiple prints onto a single shirt would require the printer to do multiple setups and dry runs. We couldn’t print front and back and dry them at the same time. Each would have to be printed, dried, and then retrieved and setup again. It’s a combination of cost and operator time, etc.

The option of doing a front OR back is something we’ve been considering for some time, but otherwise as of now it’s not likely you’ll see the option to do multiple prints per shirt anytime soon. I’ll never say never, but just isn’t likely in this current evolution.

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