Number of online stores?

posted by jshoemake15 • 3 years ago

So If you fill the maximum 48 slots in a store are you able to open a new store. Or do you have to start trimming products from your current store in order to add new ones?

Just a question I had. If you have time to answer thanks!

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Joe,

The idea is that you fill your 48 slots, see what sells well and then replace designs that do not sell. Currently no-one has a store where all 48 products are selling high numbers consistently. Keeping your store fresh with new art will help drive traffic and keep your fan base interested.
You should not be applying for multiple stores because you only want to be driving traffic to one area for consistency. Your second store would most likely be rejected anyway.
i hope this helps answer your question.

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