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posted by Snazzygaz • 3 years ago

Hi DBH staff, I was wondering if perhaps there were any thoughts towards a separate repository for art that’s applied to different merchandise, for example one might have the choice to apply one uploaded piece to both clothing and prints, but also the ability upload separate pieces of the same artwork that has been tailored towards the respective application, such as a hypothetical artwork which has been specifically edited to look good on a shirt, but wouldn’t be at full potential as a print.

The artist might be able to upload a fully rendered scene with background and such for the prints, but also the shirt tailored raw file as a set and apply each to their respective merchandise.
Thanks for reading

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hey Snazzygaz,

First and foremost thanks for the suggestion. The process you describe is very different from the platform we’ve built. Moving from providing single images to multiple uploads becomes problematic. A few similar companies do it the way you describe, but in doing so you get no say in placement or size.

Consistency and continuity for our customers is very important to us. Allowing multiple images to be uploaded across various product types creates a potential problem in that you could in theory upload completely different pieces of art for each product. While not all our artists would do this, it’s inevitable that some would. This can lead to confusion on the part of the customer if not executed extremely well.

At this point, I don’t see us going in that direction. We prefer to take a single image and give you multiple ways to adjust the size and placement of the image and select the color of the product. We’re developing additional features to give you even more customization by product, but multiple image uploads isn’t likely in the near future.

Snazzygaz Snazzygaz Human from Wiltshire, United Kingdom

I can live with that, thanks for the feedback Inked!

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