V-neck t shirts

posted by • 3 years ago

Are there any v-neck tshirts to buy? I checked couple of pages on here but they are all crew neck and they make me really uncomfortable if clothing touches front side of my neck.

Please consider making v-neck tshirts too, i’m sure they’d sell like crazy. I’ll be a loyal customer for instance :)

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EnoLa EnoLa Human from United States

i’d like baseball tees too. maybe one day :p

stanleymoore stanleymoore Human from United States

baseball yes, vneck no

EnoLa EnoLa Human from United States

oh also tanks. tank tops would be nice :)

RuthBugg RuthBugg Human from ME, United States

I don’t think so v neck t shirts are so popular especially among the boys. Mostly girls like to wear v neck top or tunic.

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