Incorrect URL link for Gaia in Artist Interview

posted by xvampireprince • 3 years ago

Dear DBH & To Whom It May Concern,

Was reading the wonderful Artist Interview for Qetza, one of my favorite artists from DBH and notice that one of the shirt picture links was incorrectly formatted. Qetza’s Gaia shirt picture links to Ingkong’s SARANGGOLA (KITE) instead.

It is located on the far right, after the paragraph, “Let’s jump in:.”

Thanks & Happy Holidays,

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

I’ve fixed the link. Great catch!

xvampireprince xvampireprince Human from United States

Dear DBH & To Whom It May Concern,

Unfortunately after searching through some other Artist Interviews I found additional broken or incorrect picture links. It might favorable to have someone look over the artist interviews for additional problems…

Besides those issues I also noticed some Artist Interview pages had multiple picture links displaying the same design. Would it be more beneficial to show other designs made by the artist in those spots instead?

Thanks for your time,

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