Multiple Human Models Per Design

posted by xvampireprince • 4 years ago

Dear DBH,

I would like to know if its possible to have multiple human model pictures wearing the same design available to browse via-online store. As a passionate DBH customer and advocate, I feel this change would greatly improve the online store experience and give customers more confidence in their decision to purchase.

Thanks for your services,
DBH Customer xvampireprince

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Can you explain how you feel this would improve your experience? What would you gain as a customer if you could see the same design on multiple people? What benefit do you see in showing you one person wearing a Men’s size large Poked to Death as opposed to 5 people wearing a Men’s size large Poked to Death?

I’m genuinely asking the above questions. It’s an interesting request and I’m trying to wrap my head around what you feel you’re not getting by only having 1 model shot.

xvampireprince xvampireprince Human from United States

Dear Mr. Inked,

To answer your question, I feel this would give us customers additional perspectives besides gender for viewing the artist’s products. Consumers similar to me take into consideration how the overall products look on the models. From a personal perspective, I look finer wearing darker colored clothing designs while my older brother in lighter ones. Having 3-5 people wearing a Men’s size large Poked to Death T-shirt in my opinion would increase customer’s chances of them buying that product if they are interested in purchasing. Additionally, you can even take into consideration if we flip the question around to, “Why is there a Women’s model for the same product design”? In this case, the answer would be that it helps women view the products from their gender perspective. In the end, I believe this change will help build customer confidence to ensure in their decision to purchase.

I understand this big suggestion request could take a lot of time and resources to implement. However as a DBH customer, I am satisfied enough with just being able to have my request heard.

Thanks again,

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

The Men’s and Women’s model shot is a given. It’s also provided because the graphic printed on the shirt is a different size and at a different scale from their Men’s counterpart.

As far as the multiple model shots per design, I’m still not sure what you’re getting from 5 that you won’t get from one model shot and one flat preview you currently get. I can see the value in having multiple perspectives, but if you have 5 people all wearing the same size shirt how much additional perspective do you think you’ll get?

If we had a model shot for each size that shows that shirt on an “average” person who wears that size, I could see the value in that in determining if that size would be a good fit for you. But past doing that, I’m not sure if the time and resources required to make that happen would create the value you’re looking for. I’ll dive into it and see what I think, but no promises.

biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

it’s un unrealistic amount of work to put in just to have you make up your mind. most people can pick a shirt just based on the graphic alone. when I shop in store I don’t see the same shirt on multiple mannequins

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