My Order had a shirt missing

posted by cosmicsecret • 3 years ago

Hello DBH,
one of my TeeGrinder Orders ( Order #353289 )
was sent without a shirt.
The packaging slip had the words :
written on it.
Please see the picture

I´m very unhappy out of 3 reasons :
1.I´ve grinded about 1 hour to get this combo with this Scribblebolt design
2.Usually – when a false number of items in stock on a ordered item is noticed, the order will be set on hold and the customer will be contacted about that and is asked for a replacement item.
This was not the case in my case – so the joke was on me when opening the bag today.
3. I´ve got charged the full price for 3 shirts when only 2 have been send and also the shipping was the price for 3 instead of 2.

I´m a very understanding person and when something is out of stock but the system still has it in stock….well sh*t happens….BUT not contacting me about this issue is a TOTAL NO GO!

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

You should have been contacted and I apologize that you were not. If you could email us at with the top portion of your post we’ll get that corrected for you.

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