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posted by tommydarbone • 4 years ago

Can anyone help me understand how to create a very complex design say with a digital painting technique for example, but be under 8 colors? Even if you use one color with multiple opacities, doesn’t this count for a different color each time? I am confused. If anyone can give me tips or any examples this would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to understand this type of thing better and become a better digital artist.

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

You can use one color and the halftone the shades like here:

or you can use multiple colors with halftones overlapping to create the illusion of more colors like here:

This image is actually only 4 colors but overlapping the halftones creates a cool illusion that there are more.

tommydarbone tommydarbone Human from United States

What about if I wanted to do something like this?

Isn’t this more than 8 colors? There isn’t any halftones being used here are there?

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