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posted by Shashwat • 4 years ago

I am designing in AI CS6 RGB.

1. While designing inside Illustrator it looks as I want it to be.
2. I export it as JPG file
3. Now when I preview in PICASA (without color management) it looks dull and much lighter shade.
4. If I preview it in PICASA (with color management) it looks much darker shade; nearly black.
5. I preview it in PHOTOSHOP then it looks OK as it was in AI.
6. I use PHOTOSHOP for preparing Placement image

i. One that looks OK in ILLUSTRATOR and PHOTOSHOP. OR
ii. The lighter dull colour (without color management in PICASA). OR
iii. The Darker colour (with color management in PICASA).

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Shashwat Shashwat Artist from India

Hey I wanted to add more to my query. After making the placement image with photoshop and saving as JPG. these files are looking good in PICASA preview (NO MORE DARKER OR DULL COLORS IN PREVIEW)

EddieYau EddieYau Artist from Hong Kong

I do think it’s because the color profile you embed into the files which affected what you see in different applications (or in different monitor).

Try to explain shortly,

– AI and Photoshop used the same working color space, e.g. sRGB for PC or AppleRGB for Mac. That’s why you saw the same color in both applications when you opened the same file.

- When you saved this file and intended to open in other applications, it should be chosen the corresponding color profile to embed into it. (e.g. save as and choose color profile “sRGB” if AI or Photoshop use sRGB as working color space)

- If you didn’t embed any profile into this file, or preview without color management in other applications, then it would use their default color space or using the monitor’s color profile to show your file. It would be happened unexpected color tolerance as your issue right now.

- In the other hand, if you had embed correspondent color profile into the file, then the other applications with color management would use this color profile to show the color by default, or request you before opening. Then it would have same preview as what to see in AI or Photoshop. In this case, it just changed the color preview but not the file data unless you had chosen “convert” the embed profiles instead of “preserve” when opened it.

- Finally, your JPG looking alright in PICASA, perhaps the option of embed profiles was selected when you saved as JPG but just you didn’t get aware.

I hope this could help you.


Shashwat Shashwat Artist from India

Thanks a lot Eddie, it was of great help understanding the color profile and embed-ed color profiles.
Again THANKS a lot for help

EddieYau EddieYau Artist from Hong Kong

You’re welcome. I hope you could fix this problem. Good luck!

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