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posted by Shashwat • 4 years ago

I have files ready in RGB, JPG, sizes 320/240 and 640/480. I have created them in AI cs6. Its always saying invalid upload and check the guidelines. PLEASE HELP...

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ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

THUMBJPG, 72 DPI, 320 X 240 – OK
Check the file name eg: Behemoth_placement.jpg
You see, there’s no spacing on file name, just maybe this is the problem.
I faced this problem few days ago on another site, so far I have no problem here on DBH.
Hope this helps :-)

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Some things to check:
1. Jpegs are the exact correct size?
Art Image: 640 × 480
Placement Image: 640 × 480
Thumbnail: 320 × 240
2. You have selected the terms & conditions box to submit?
3. You have a title and description?
Check these and try again, if you are still having issues let us know.

Shashwat Shashwat Artist from India

still not uploading. besides i forgot to tell that my placement image is made in Photoshop template and it is uploading without any problem.
My Thumbnail and Art images created from Adobe illustrator are not uploading. Even I have tried to open them in Photoshop and save them again in jpg, but still they are not uploading.

Please help, I getting stuck at very first submission.

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