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posted by JVartndesign • 3 years ago

Hey for those of us who cant afford Illustrator or Photoshop and use and prefer anyway Gimp and Inkscape could ALL templatesand guides be made pngs or pdfs ?

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States
JVartndesign JVartndesign Human from Australia

My apolgies Wotto I should have bene more specific
yes the files for teeshrits colros are all pngs and the folder zipped easily but elsewhere the recommended file showing the pantone color codes for yr tees is an ai file which fortunately gimp will convert to png and the 2 files labelled downlaod template showing a flat tee and a mockup tee template when downloaded turned out to be psd and dont I need one of these to sub the mockup image?

confused newbie perhaps taking instructions too literally?

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