Resized thumbnails?!

posted by manupix • 5 years ago

Gallery thumbnails are being resized from 320×240 to 328×246, becoming all blurry.

This is new, and bad. Bug or feature?

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Egger Egger Artist from Hungary

oh! I was afraid that my eyes are blurring or I doing something wrong, but it explains things :D

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

The thumbnails look perfectly fine to me on a Mac, mobile and iPad. What makes you guys think the thumbnails are resized? What platform/browser are you using?

manupix manupix Artist from France

Windows XP, Firefox 17.
becoming all blurry is a bit of an exaggeration ;) but they sure aren’t as sharp as I made them. My previous entries thumbs from a few months back (8-bit contest) have kept their original size and look.
I’m talking about the full size thumbs in artists’ galleries, not the vote page, right?

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