posted by Kenzes • 5 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently sold a tshirt design to someone through internet. It was a vintage flag, which got 2 colors purple and orange.
And I sent a photoshop file which all the files are merged into 1 layer in there. So 1 layer = 2colors

Im wondering, if the shirt factory can print this. Or do I have to do different layer for each color?

This client already received a file about a week ago but he hasn’t talked about this. So Im wondering if its alright?
Is that mean everytimes, when there are more than 1 color, I just seperate the layer for each color?

Thank You so much,

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deaddreamer deaddreamer Artist from Austria

generally its better to have it on seperate layers – if the design is simple it should be easy to seperate, though.

Kenzes Kenzes Artist from Australia

@deaddreamer Thank You so much sir. :)

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