Help Fight Cancer!

posted by JustPetrucci • 4 years ago

Hello DBH world!

I understand this is completely and utterly unrelated to shirt design or anything of the sort, but I have a request of you all! (And no, it’s not to vote for my designs…but you can still do that if you want.)

Today I am participating with my assembled team known as The Flaming Lemons in a cancer walk. It’s called Relay for Life, maybe you’ve heard of it.

The idea is that you have at least one person from your team walking at all times for an entire 24hrs. Each team tries to raise as much money as they can. There is no profit to me or my team involved, only to say we were there and that we helped fight cancer. All proceeds go to The American Cancer Society to help fight back!

The link is here to donate on behalf of my team: Donate Here!

The minimum donation is $5, so I hope some of you are willing to spare it!

Thank you all for reading and for any support you can give!

Do it for someone you know who has had or has cancer! I know I am!!

Thanks all!

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gavind gavind Human from United States

$5 minimum looks pretty high to me. Just saying tho.

JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

Well, I didn’t make the website so I can’t argue that… ;P

But the event is over now. (Though I’m sure they’ll still accept your donation.)
But $5 is a small fee compared to the woman that was there to share her story of how she’s had 5 different cancers since she was 17. Ridiculous.

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