n00bish questions!

posted by manupix • 5 years ago

Hey guys’n‘gals!

I’m new here and I have a few questions.

1- is it acceptable to swap the art and placement images in submitted designs? You know, so that the 1st page displays the art instead of the placement.

2- is it possible to include links in design descriptions?

3- I’ve found that place in my profile where I can choose the e-mail notifications I receive, and I’ve set it to “Design/Product Messages” because I want to receive the important info about my designs, but I don’t want to receive e-mails for each comment. Any way out of this?

4- I’m following 2 designers, but only 1 of them is listed in my profile. When I go to the other artist’s profile, I’m offered to ‘unfollow’ them; when I do and click follow again it doesn’t come back. What gives?

Thanks in advance for the help!

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manupix manupix Artist from France

Anyone? :/

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

1) I believe so. I have seen several people do that. And if you get rejected because of it, just re-upload!

2) Yes.

3) Important info will always be sent no matter what…even if that isn’t selected. That selection will let you know when people comments, etc.

4) Email customer service!

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

And welcome! :)

manupix manupix Artist from France

Thanks! :)

2- How?

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

I would just copy and paste it or do the URL code with is below this.

gavind gavind Human from United States

Hi 7sixes, where you able to do this yet?

JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

1. Anything is possible! It’s just a matter of getting it rejected if you do that. Besides, most people vote because of what your design will look like on a shirt, not just for the artwork. But if you really feel like your artwork is getting shorthanded being displayed on the shirt, a lot of people put their artwork on the same page as the shirt mockup like so:

(And yes, that is my design. You can vote for it here)

2. I’ve never tried it, but considering these forums and things accept HTML, it’s worth a shot. What were you planning on putting a link to? (You can always be the first to comment on your design and put the link there instead.)

3. Nope. If you want info about your design, that includes comments! ;)
(Besides, what if someone posts something mean, stupid, or actually REALLY awesome??)

4. Weird. Have you tried hovering your mouse cursor over where their icon SHOULD be in your “Following” section? It might just be that their profile icon is just to rad for the internet to display properly…

manupix manupix Artist from France

Thanks! I’ll try this next time =)

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