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posted by tusharrastogi • 4 years ago

I am from India and what to buy DBH tshirts from here only. Do you have any outlet in Delhi, India.

I don’t want to use my fathers cc.

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


We do not currently have a wholesale store stocking DBH tees in India. You would have to place an order online or persuade one of your local tee stores to start carrying the awesome DBH tees.

tusharrastogi tusharrastogi Human from Delhi, India

ok. so if i order the stuff online what is the surety that i will get the same stuff that i have ordered for ? suppose i ordered XXL size for myself and when i recieve the stuff the sizes will be changed say L or XL then who will be responsibile for that exchange and return payments etc. who will bare the expenses for that ? All the payment will be 100% advance is there any way to escrow the payment and after receiving and checking the stuff i can ask escrow to release the payments. i want to buy in starting around 10-15 tshirts for myself but if i like the wholesale rates, cloth stuff and services and delivery and convinient payment methods i might think of investing into opening up a DBH store myself. Do let me know if you guys do have any plans like this and if we can talk on this further. And this is not a casual chat or just a forum query pls do consider this as a serious business talks. Feedback awaited.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

If you order XXL tees you will receive XXL tees, if you do not of course we will be responsible for setting that straight. We have a very experienced warehouse team who rarely make these mistakes. We don’t use an escrow period because we have a great record of shipping goods promptly and an excellent customer service department. We have been doing this since 2007 and have built a very satisfied customer base.
The become a wholesaler you will need to contact wholesale@designbyhumans.com and go through a process of registration. You are welcome to open your own store but we would not encourage a store branding as an official DBH store because we cannot oversee your operation. We have certain standards and expectations that we need to make sure are in place. We have many wholesalers who sell from stores and they order regularly and in high quantities. You will receive a lot more information when you contact the above email. Thanks for your interest and I hope you feel reassured enough to place an order in the near future.

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