Men's 3X (XXXL) Sizes would be nice.

posted by skua • 5 years ago

There’s lot of big folks out there… and considering that even the BEST T’s shrink a bit… 3X is usually a good size. Unfortunatley they are hard to come by. Any chance of getting some of these incredible designs on a 3X shirt?

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Skua,

Unfortunately we do not stock shirts bigger than 2XL and we do not have any plans to in the near future but I know that there are very few places to get the bigger printed tees. If we could measure demand we would maybe consider it but manufacturers tend to charge more for larger tees so we would also have to consider that. Thanks for your post. Maybe check the stock chart because we have several different blanks and some are a little bigger than others.

skua skua Human from United States

@wotto Thanks Wotto… well that’s a shame. I do understand that the bigger shirts usually cost a bit more and I’m willing to deal with that… fair is fair. It just always surprises me that big printed tees are so hard to find. They keep telling us how overweight society has become…

Ah well… cool web site and great collection of artists and designs. Great concept. And… some of these excellent designs give me one more reason to drop a few pounds, eh?

heroisum heroisum Human from United States

Count me as another big guy who would like some of these great designs and would be willing to pay for it. And losing some pounds still wouldn’t get my frame inside a tiny 2XL.
Help us out! Most big-guy tees seem to be made for “bubbas.” And that’s not me. ...

daap daap Human from Netherlands

same here, this made my purchase a little disappointing. would love to try again if you’d offer a 3XL

adremeaux adremeaux Human

I’m still waiting for them to start stocking Smalls again that actually fit small people. The S of the “Premium” (100% cotton, cough) is enough to be an M in any other moderately fashionable brand.

RicoMambo RicoMambo Artist from Croatia

Yes, 3XL would be nice.
DBH, You could try with DBH Collective, and its sure thing. People order Tees, You print it and everybody will be happy. Problem: These are not large prints.

SteveOramA SteveOramA Artist from Colorado, United States

@skua I’m just a big guy overall and these 2XLs are getting to be too short after going through the wash. I feel your pain.

@RicoMambo I am all for that idea!

skua skua Human from United States

Well… at least I’m glad I’m not the only one. I fully agree… for bigger folks even the 2X size can get a little ‘small’ especially after a few washings. All shirts tend to shrink a bit no matter how careful you are. I could stand to trim down… but I’m also 6’ tall and the length of most shirts is also a factor (allowing for the inevitable shrink-factor.) When I can I’ll buy a ‘tall’ but for most t-shirts tall sizes are even more impossible to come by than the larger standard sizes.

mikedangers mikedangers Human from United States

@wotto You say IF WE COULD MEASURE DEMAND WE WOULD MAYBE CONSIDER IT. Well I have to ask, why have you not measured demand? A simple poll on the front page and sent out to your email list would gauge some numbers. You could easily go to a few forums or social media sites and get even further perspective. It seems to me you are all talk and no action and are content with the money you make from your sales already. Maybe you’ve considered polling and querying via social sites, but just don’t have the staff numbers to do such things without hindering your work? If so, I would gladly volunteer to run some polls for you, free of charge.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Mikedangers,

Thanks for your comment. We have measured demand for larger sizes via a questionnaire and at this time there does not seem to be the demand that is required for us to invest in 3XL tees. I do like your idea to poll our social media networks and that is something I will pass on to our marketing team.
I can assure you we are never “all talk and no action” or “content” when it comes to offering the highest quality tees to our community. We will endeavor to seek further feedback from the wider community and if the demand is there we would have no reason not to invest in larger inventory.
I understand your frustrations and thanks again for adding to what is a very interesting debate.

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hello Humans!

Wotto is 100% right on his earlier post and on his above post. Measuring general interest is far easier than measuring actual demand. Clicking yes on a poll does not lock you into purchasing a 3XL tee if they were made available. The same principle applies to SOTD voting in that not every person who voted for the tee will actually end up buying it. This is the fundamental issue at hand. Since I oversee Customer Service, I see every email, Facebook message, Tweet and LiveChat transcript that comes through from a customer that isn’t directly related to our creative team. I can tell you, the amount of requests I get via Customer Service for 3XL tees can be counted on one hand every month usually.

I’m also fully aware, that requests made via Customer Service do not in any way reflect the desires of our customer base as a whole since only a small percentage of our base actually sends in feature requests and the like. I do use it as a guiding point however. Someone previously asked for Pink women’s tees in the Collective when we launched women’s and we sourced them. We had numerous requests for additional shipping options within the US for quick delivery for things like birthdays, holidays and other special occasions or last minute gifts and we brought in 3 day, 2 day, and overnight shipping to round out our existing SmartPost and Ground services. USPS rates increased and our international customers have been hurting and asking for some relief, so I brought in our FedEx reps along with other carrier reps and made them fight to the death (Not really but the idea was tossed out) to see who would provide our upcoming international service. In short, we do listen, we do track it, but not everything is possible when we would like to do it.

No one here is opposed to 3XL, XS, 2XL womens, etc. We’ve had requests for them all. It just isn’t as simple at it sounds to just add in more sizes. Without going into details about what would be required, rest assured you are being heard and your requests are not going unnoticed. I will be implementing a feature request forum within our Knowledge base hopefully this week once its update is complete if time permits where you can log a feature request and people can vote for it. This will be a simple public method of showing interest in ideas and give us the ability to share feedback with you regarding those ideas.

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