Idea for a T-Shirt

posted by MasterDeath • 5 years ago

I just joined, but thought I might post an idea for a cool t-shirt and see who likes it and maybe somebody might do this (not me).

How about a 1984 type of Orwellian t-shirt with the tyrannical government, lone soldier in a field of copy cats like the Mac commercials of the 80’s.

I am sure there are other cool books that would also make cool t-shirts.


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Anti-hu Anti-hu Artist from United States

Sounds like a great concept. Now you have to explain that concept visually. Depending on how you execute any idea for a tee, it could be awesome, or maybe just not quite work.

xxxeli xxxeli Human

i wa thinking of “Gone With The Wind “ or maybe Agatha christie novels coooool _ iam now makinga ful series of i heart t-shirts

Phoenix77 Phoenix77 Human from Utah, United States

I like the concept a lot. I think Studio8worx’s style on this shirt would look really cool, he seems to be able to tell a story really well

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