Another Awesome New DBH Feature

posted by DBHstaff • 5 years ago

Quick View is here!

Today we added Quick View onto the site. “What’s that?” I hear you ponder.
Well now you can view all the product information from the thumbnail in the shop area. Makes your life easier by allowing you to look at sizes, product details and buy faster.

How? Just click the magnifying glass in the left corner of the thumbnail. Check for size, add to cart and BOOM! your ready to check out. Simple. Try it out…..

Check it out:

All your product selecting needs are met and shopping is now faster here at Design By Humans. Hoorah!

3 Replies

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

wow, that’s cool

SteveOramA SteveOramA Artist from Colorado, United States

great idea!

free_agent08 free_agent08 Artist from Philippines

This is a very nice feature..

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