TDKR - Less than a week left to submit + SOME TIPS.

posted by wotto • 5 years ago

Hi Humans,

The deadline is less than a week away for submissions! It went so fast BUT there is still time!

Here are a few helpful tips to clarify and help speed things up for you:
1. Placement must be included – meaning you must place your design onto a T-shirt so we can see how it would look printed, this is an important part of the process.
2. Don’t use other peoples images and pass them off as your own, we’ll find out and it will be embarrassing for you, the artist.
3. Use of images – You CAN reference other peoples Batman art, meaning you can look at it and it can influence your work. Tracing that art is not totally against the rules, BUT it is frowned upon by most professional artists. Drawing your version of Batman, oh yes that’s allowed, has to be said WB don’t give this opportunity out that much so take it!
4. Got rejected? Wanna know why? Email me. Hundreds of other artists do, you can too.
5. Not heard anything? No News is GOOD NEWS usually. Your design is most likely on hold to be seen by WB for second stage approvals.
7. 2 submission per artist, if you sub more I will have to remove them.
8. Don’t troll artists work, this ain’t no witch hunt, just state you opinion and if you believe the art to be stolen, shoot us an email.
9. If your design gets rejected, come back stronger. There is still time to enter. Only accepted designs count as your two submissions.
10. Be Happy. This is supposed to be fun.

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jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

Hi Wotto, I’ve use the stock image as my reference, Is my design consider using other images ? If do, please let me know and I redo it. Thanks

Eclipse in Gotham City, 1st submission for DBH The Dark Knight Rises contest

wildlifehoodoo wildlifehoodoo Human from Conwy, United Kingdom

Good stuff :D

mreisel mreisel Artist

Where are these stock images coming from? I only saw a link to the logo

surf4grl surf4grl Artist from United States

this is one of mine that got rejected- what the heck is wrong with it? I put so much time into both of my designs to wait 2 weeks to get both rejected. Doesn’t seem fair at all….

surf4grl surf4grl Artist from United States

and seriously- your saying this is better than mine!?

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

If you would like further feedback please contact me via our help section. Please understand we are processing hundreds of designs and we cannot offer individual feedback relating to every design. I can offer some advice and most people understand better once they have contact me.

grungethemovie grungethemovie Artist from Brazil

wotto I really cannot find your mail that i’m supposed to send to for clarification in case of rejection :(

mreisel mreisel Artist

MakeGotham MakeGotham Artist from Finland

I hope I can finish my participation U_U, this is crazy, got a lot of work this week : S.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Everyone,

I have answered many emails today and hopefully given some insight into why some of you got rejected. As the contest comes to a close in terms of entries we will consider all of your questions. The reaction to this contest has been HUGE and we have been working tirelessly to get approvals through as fast as possible.

We have received some incredible art and picking winners will not be easy. Good luck everyone.

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

Thanks for these TIPS sir Wotto these will help…

BTW these are my 2 TDKR submissions on voting process now, i just try to put it on models templates to see how does it looks, hope DBH & WB like it…Thanks


MatcHua MatcHua Artist from Singapore

2 submissions? I saw 3?

southpawdragon southpawdragon Human from Canada


I submitted a question in the forums but I can no longer find my post to see if it was answered.

I have two main questions I hope you can answer for me.

1) What is the format for submitting , Type of file , file size for the thumbnail, artwork and placement.
For the placement is there a psd of a shirt template?

2) Question regarding deadline.
In reading the terms and condition deadline
it states that ENTRY PERIOD. The Contest begins at 10 AM PST on March 19, 2012 and ends at 11:59 PM PST on April 11, 2012.

Just to be clear PST is like California time right.
So for example worst case scenario If my entry was handed on 2am April 12 EST, since im from Toronto.
Will it still be eligible as far as the due date since 2 am april 12 equals to April 11 2012 @ 11 pm?


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