A cool NEW profile feature!

posted by DBHstaff • 5 years ago

Hi Humans,

Do you love one particular artist? Well now you can check out all of their winning designs available for purchase in their profile. Simply click on their name and this is what you’ll see in the new and improved Profiles:

That’s right, now you can collect all of the tees by your personal favorite artist. Scroll up and down and watch their entire back catalog appear before your very eyes! Magic happens at DBH.

And artists you can direct all your fans, friends and family to your profile to collect all of your awesome printed tees.
What do you think?

9 Replies

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

i’m lovin’ this new feature! :D

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States


qetza qetza Artist from United States

very cool

iamrobman iamrobman Artist from Batangas CIty, Philippines

awesome…but I think I need a print 1st :) hha .just kidding .cool improvements here

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

We are glad you like it!

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

wow this is cool…:D

jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

Yes, it’s cool !

choppre choppre Artist from Maryland, United States

oh yea I noticed this a couple of days ago, its a neat feature, looking forward to more… keep up the good work guys! :D

nicebleed nicebleed Artist from Cebu, Philippines

nice lookin! :)

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