January Design Challenge: 8-Bit

posted by CassieDBH • 2 years ago

January Design Challenge: 8-Bit

Dear Friends,

This month we’re gettin’ retro! Throughout the month of January we’re accepting 8-bit/pixel art for our 8-bit challenge. Need help getting inspired? Check this out.

Why submit to our Design Challenges? It’s a great way to get your designs featured! Once the 8-Bit Collection is curated it’ll be promoted in our newsletter, blog and browse section of our site.

1) No 3rd Party IP, parodies, trademarked characters, etc. (original artwork, please!)
2) You can submit as many designs as you would like, but only those deemed the best will be chosen

How to submit:
1. Upload your design to your store and create your product (Existing Products Are Allowed).
2. Once your product has been approved send us the link to [email protected]
3. Throughout the month of January we’ll include the best submissions into the themed collection.

Submissions will close at midnight PST on January 31st, 2017.

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12 Replies

Joka232 Joka232 Human from United Kingdom

Awesome, gotta love these challenges to keep the creativity flowing! my first entry is this one! :)


happinessinatee happinessinatee Human from New Zealand

Oddly I sent a very similar design to yours ^ just yesterday for this competition haha

chrisdalida chrisdalida Human from Metro Manila, Philippines

Hi my entry “Dinobit”

BenEphla BenEphla Human from United Kingdom

8-bit /pixel art is my jam DBH’s noice! Here’s my submission. #FloppyDiscs –

RetroReview RetroReview Human from South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I have subbed my “Like a Sir” design! :-)


fizzgig fizzgig Artist from Florida, United States

Here is my Skull and Crossbones entry: http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/8-bit-skull-and-crossbones/609698/

almosjab almosjab Human from Pest, Hungary

Here is my subbed artwork :)

Gh30rgh3 Gh30rgh3 Human from Romania, Romania

Hello, here’s my design. Also is there a way to know if my my entry is being reviewed (even if it’s not selected)?

Mitxeldotcom Mitxeldotcom Artist from Basque Country, Spain

This is my entry for the contest:

Dioskyr Dioskyr Human from Russia

This is my entry for the contest: http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/8-bit-rubb/614928/

almosjab almosjab Human from Pest, Hungary

Hello Cassie! :)
Is there any update about this challenge yet?
Looking for your answer, cheers! :)

CassieDBH CassieDBH Staff from California, United States
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