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royalty less

posted by fantasyjoejoe • 1 year ago

Hi DBH Team

I just wondering, why my DBH royalty is getting less in the dashboard and in sales stats is still the same like before. can you explain to me please!!!!!


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@fantasyjoejoe- Can you please explain more about the issue you’re encountering?

@CassieDBH I just open my DBH account last month and at the end of the month July it showed me I sold my artworks (5 pcs.) for a total amount of USD 30. So when I open it now, in the dashboard it only shows me USD6 and if I go into the Sales Stats page, it still shows USD30. I am confused on how the amount of royalty went down to USD6 in the dashboard but still shows me USD30 in the Sales Stats. I was wonderin if this is a software issue? Best Regards

@fantasyjoejoe – Your royalty amounts will change based on the date range you’re selecting. If you select “All time” in the dropdown, you’ll see that you’ve earned $30 during the lifetime of your store. If you select “Last 14 days” you’ll see that you’ve earned $24 in the last two weeks and if you select “Last 7 days” it shows that you’ve earned $6 in that timeframe.

Hope this information helps!

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