Monthly payment?

posted by Skyforest • 6 months ago

Hello, it’s already September 5, but I still didn’t get a payment. Also the previous amount of royalties (which was supposed to paid) is just disappeared and I can see only the new amount, which only will be paid later…

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nnorbi nnorbi Human from Hungary

Same here!!!

Sachcraft Sachcraft Human from Venezuela

Me too! Thanks for open this topic.

Skyforest Skyforest Human from Russia

I got the reply on facebook:
“The holiday weekend caused a bit of a hiccup in our royalty payments system that caused payments to not go out on schedule. We’ve fixed the issue and payments will be going out today by end of day PST. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience!”
I guess we can expect payments soon :)

Snazzygaz Snazzygaz Human from Wiltshire, United Kingdom

The payment history page also ends in June

Skyforest Skyforest Human from Russia

I just got my July payment.

TeddyFranktin03 TeddyFranktin03 Human from United States

How can I find my payment?

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