free international shipping = COD $26

posted by detherine • 6 months ago

I love the designs on this site. I currently have another 17 items in my shopping cart but I wanted to buy just a few things first, to check the quality before getting more. I selected 4 t-shirts, at around $25-27 each. There was a promotional 15% off if you used a coupon code and I wanted to still meet the $75 for free international shipping. So $26 or so each, x 4 = 104. 104 – 15% = 88. Plus tax $97. Convert to Canadian dollars = $132. Arrives at my door with a Cash On Delivery charge of $26, so total is now $158. SO we have learned: The free international shipping is a LIE, even if it doesn’t charge you at the time, and the average cost per t-shirt is about $40 for a Canadian.

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