Stolen design on aliexpress (WARNING)

posted by VanyNany • 4 years ago

Hi guys!

While on aliexpress i found out something very alarming for us DBH designers: some people ARE STEALING our designs!!!! that’s JUST NOT RIGHT!

I tried contacting some of the designers i know (on twitter, facebook and other social networks) and sending them some of the links of their designs i found on aliexpress but there are TOO MANY of them and from so many designers, i cannot contact you all so i hope you read this.

IT’S NOT A HUNCH, THEY’VE STOLEN ONE OF MY DESIGNS!!! , so that makes me believe most (if not all) of them are fake and have not been authorized by you guys, yet, they are using OUR talent to make a personal profit, so i think you should go see for yourself and if you’re one of the “victims” then contact aliexpress directly and they’ll surely delete their accounts and probably ban the sellers (i’ve already done so but the more the better!).

Here’s some of the designs i found either on DBH and on ALIEXPRESS that might be stolen:



If you’ve designed something about some movie, tv series, harry potter, hunger games or any other “geek” stuff, then i highly recommend you go check if your design is in there somewhere.

Please let people know about this!! it’s something very serious!!

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

I doubt these places are even printing. My money would be on them being cash grabs, taking orders and never shipping goods. Once the store gets closed, they just open another.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

@Inked Yeah I think you are right. I’m not sure how they survive on Amazon so long. They have some pretty strict rules on stores, maybe it’s the sheer volume of stores on there now?

Thegreen Thegreen Human from Hong Kong

Hi there!

this is impossible mission!
If you go on you can see every days a lot of new project asking to make a design for T-shirt.
They ask to make 40 illustrations for 25USD!
and you know what? 50 indians people bid to have this project. People who bid less will win the project!
And this guy will do that in 3-5 days. of course they have stolen work of true artist and got pay for their shit!

Timone Timone Human from Spain

This is disgusting, :(
Thank you very much @VanyNany for pointing it out and for giving us your time.

tmyusuf tmyusuf Human from Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

This is impossible mission! If you go on you can see every days a lot of new project asking to make a design for T-shirt.

snuapril01 snuapril01 Human from ca, United States

@Inked I have heard of this, too. they end up shipping some crap (something really light and chip. even trash at times) just to get some kind of tracking # for shipment(paypal sometimes does not let them withdraw money before they provide tracking #) and by the time you get the package and find out what happened, they avoid your message and close their paypal account and make new ids.

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Yeah it’s a pretty common tactic in a lot of the marketplaces. Even Amazon, who is the strictest of the bunch has issues with it because of how easy it is to start a basic account and get going.

kooky-love kooky-love Artist from Semarang, Indonesia

It happens again. Today, I want to show my designs printed by, Endagered Pirate to my theater friends in Kaplink.
I search it via google. And o God I found my designs are hijacked or rather stolen by people and sold on the site
At first, I thought indeed entered into a collaboration for the marketing of products on the site. A kind of retail sales.
Finally, before I asked the staff designbyhumans, I searched again by google with keywords, designbyhumans aliexpress. And as a result, Ta daa! Indeed there are those who deliberately intend to steal the designs in for sale in without the permission of the original designer.
Very difficult to contact aliexpress about this issue. They do not provide an email address to submit complaints. We must login to the site.

asitha asitha Artist from Western, Sri Lanka

There are lot of stolen design available at aliexpress. I found such a store few days ago. look for aliexpress(dot)com/store/3499011

squarego squarego Human from United Kingdom

Yes my designs are on sale there as well !! Flattering and Annoying!

artizan16 artizan16 Human from Pennsylvania, United States

Bottom line here is theft is theft! It’s taking money out of our pockets. I am tired of chasing these rip off merchants. It’s not just aliexpress either. Ebay and Amazon. I’ve found that filling out a DMCA takedown notice usually does the trick.

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