Begging for a critique:)

posted by ByronStoddard • 4 years ago

To any and all you artists that know what you are doing on dbh!

I would love it if anybody or everybody would tell me what I am doing wrong with my designs and what I should and can do to improve. Cuz I know I need to learn a lot.

Im new to posting my art on the internet so any advice would be appreciated so much.

Thank you and I am inspired by all your amazing artwork!

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Lighthouse Lighthouse Artist from United States

I really like your designs. A lot of detail and some amazing shading does well to create an awesome art style.

The only critique I can think to give is perhaps trying to fade the wires and metal at the top of the “Connected Skull” design into the shirt more, as the harsh edge can sometimes look a bit odd on a tshirt. Maybe have the connections feed “into” the shirt as though the skull is attached to the person wearing it?

I guess the same could be said for the edges of the faded box border in the “Z Skull” design, but these are just personal preference to be honest.

Having said that, the artwork is fantastic (I especially love the “Dragon Head” and “Octopus Skull” designs) and I think you will do very well here. Keep churning out designs of such high caliber and you should get recognized in no time.

ByronStoddard ByronStoddard Human from Utah, United States

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your feedback and I think you are exactly right, the portions that extend to the boarder should somehow fade, dissappear or blend into the shirt itself. Another question, should I be messing with the same designs and fixing them then resubmitting or should I just take your advice for my next ideas?

Lighthouse Lighthouse Artist from United States

I guess it depends on where you feel your focus would be most effective. If you’re itching to get started on your next idea while it’s still fresh in your mind, it might be best to continue on and perhaps come back later when you get the chance.

On the other hand, if you’re excited with the direction you can take your current designs then you may want to modify them while you flesh out ideas for future designs.

(Really digging the new “Machine Gun Skull” design you’ve created)

TaliRachelle TaliRachelle Human from United States

Hi Byron. Your artwork is pretty awesome. I see that you’re new to posting your work on the internet. You’re already moving in the right direction by becoming a DBH artist. As far as corrections/ improvements go… Lighthouse summed up the visual corrections quite well. If you’re wanting more exposure, the key is to network. Take advantage of social media sites such as Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…. Be sure to watermark your work as well b/c it’s easy to swipe art on the internet. Anyhow, I’ve found that conversing with artists from every genre of the art world and sharing their work on my accounts, led to them sharing my work with their followers. This in turn led to more exposure to my art and more followers for me. It’s basically one big circle of sharing. Don’t be afraid to ask them for advice. I’ve found they’re more than willing to help a fellow artist. I hope this helps a lil bit. Wishing you well and keep up the good work.

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