A Glass of Feedback Would Be Helpful

posted by itsmewaddy • 3 years ago

I’m new in DBH Collective and have uploaded a new design recently. I really appreciate if you guys can drop your opinion about that design.

Here’s the link:

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biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

shouldn’t you ask for feedback BEFORE you post it up for sale?

LimeGreenPalace LimeGreenPalace Human from United States

I agree @biotwist. If you want feedback in order to edit the design, you should ask for a critique before it becomes a product. You can’t edit once it’s a product. But, since you asked, I think you don’t need the text “driver’s high” on this one. I love typography mixed with graphics, but sometimes you don’t need the text. I think the art tells the story in this one without spelling it out. Good luck with your store and future designs :)

itsmewaddy itsmewaddy Human from Malaysia

Thanks for reply :)

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