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To whom may concern:

Hi All, just to share my very negative expirience with this company and the service provided:
I wanted to change my shipping address, but was told me that cannot be done – I SHOULD PLACE NEW ORDER AND THEY WILL REFUND THE OLD ONE:

BH Customer Service, May 02 02:10 PM:
Hi Dimitar,

Sure thing! Please place a new order to the correct address and then I’ll be able to refund you for the other one. Let me know when you’ve completed this!

DBH Customer Service

I placed new order as advised on the next day and since then i have no update or refund. I have double the same items, 2 orders and i’m paying double just because somebody is lied to me!!!
I’m totaly disapointed with the way of “Doing business” of this company!!!
My suggestion will be, please use expirience and DO NOT use this site to purchase anything!!!!!!

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XDot XDot Human from Greece

i dont think they will charge you double..
just wait for response by customer service

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Do not panic, if customer service said they will cancel your order they will. Even if it ships and it was our mistake you will be refunded. Customer service is closed at weekends so that may be the reason you are not receiving a response immediately. Customer Service deals with a high volume of orders and queries, you will be contacted. Please be patient and do not worry, DBH will take good care of you.

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hi kriteus,

What was the order number of the second order you placed? I only see one order under your account which was shipped out on May 1st.

Please keep in mind, unless you choose the most expensive shipping option (which you didn’t on the original order) there is no way to change the destination of the package after it has been shipped because it is delivered by your countries postal service and we do not get access to their systems.

kriteus kriteus Human from Bulgaria

Hi there,

As metioned in the case :

I just placed new order for the same items and correct address: ORDER #447788.
Can you please cancel and refund order : #446126 ?

BTW – I’m not panic, but very, very angry! The weekend this time took over a week for “Customer Service” !

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