Quality dramatically decreased since my last purchase...

posted by Meduncho • 4 years ago

Hello, I’ve just received the 3 tshirts I ordered, I am really disappointed. The quality is terrible, the colors are not even close to what you’ve shown on the pictures… The sad part is that I have an awesome dark knight tshirt from you, that I purchased more than a year ago and even after countless times in the washing machine still looks almost like new… but those tshirts that I just got look like they wont survive long, they bloody look like something you buy for 2 dollars from the market… why guys why ? Why did you drop the quality ?

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

I’m sorry to hear you’re unhappy with your purchase. I would suggest contacting our wonderful customer service team (service@designbyhumans.com) and they should be able to sort out an issue you might have with the item you received.


cosmicsecret cosmicsecret Human from Germany

Meduncho , are those 3 Shirts digital printed on dark color t-shirts?

XDot XDot Human from Greece

the only minor thing i have encountered with is on all over prints and the inside tshirt doesnt open..meaning its like a glue so you have to open it slowly..still the inside its like glowing but after some washings it goes away..
anyone encountered that?maybe they fold it right after print or something..

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