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posted by ELOHIM • 3 years ago

Hello DBH. I’ve been lurkin around here for the past couple years, really dig all the designs here, theyre fuckin awesome. Anyways Ive been really interested in shirt design the past year or so, thought I should probably start showcasing my work. Here’s a piece that I’m almost finished with. Just have to perfect the clothing wrinkles and I’ll probably submit it.

I also liked it in black and white.

I was thinking about posting on threadless but all of their shit seems extremely girly as fuck, Im not sure if my dark designs would hold up there, I think DBH is more appropiate for my style. What do u guys think??

If u wanna see more of my work visit my fb page:


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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States
EnoLa EnoLa Human from United States

awesome. however the collective store can’t create full shirt prints. awesome design though. i look forward to seeing your work here on DBH :)

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