Rejected designs, need some feedback.

posted by AnatomyOfDecay • 2 years ago

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electrifried electrifried Artist from Australia

I think you could work on colour combos and composition. Once you understand a bit about colour theory, I think it makes designing a whole lot easier. Composition is also something you should probably think about before starting work on something, and think about what makes a design appealing.

LinusCunnBrea LinusCunnBrea Human from Cali, United States

I’m in the same boat as you AOD

MTT9 MTT9 Human from Argentina

I’ll have to second electrlfrled on this one

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


The reason you got denied a store wasn’t because of individual pieces. It was because you did not have 12 pieces of digital art in the portfolio link you provided that could be used for DBH products. You get 48 product slots per approved store, if you don’t have at least 12 available at the application process it is hard for us to see how you could fill 48. If you add more like the dragon and show a more rounded portfolio I don’t think you would have any issues getting an approval.

AnatomyOfDecay AnatomyOfDecay Human from Pennsylvaina, United States

Thanks wotto. My email said my rejection was because of quality.

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