Thoughts anyone? It's my first DBH submission.

posted by tylerwhitworth • 4 years ago

Hi everyone. Here’s a duckling flying a kite. I want to submit this to get printed, but I wondered what y’all thought before I did. and if I should change anything on it.


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7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

I actually like it…simple but cute haha. Maybe readjust the kite position? Seems kind of at a weird angle.

MopingFellow MopingFellow Artist from Canada
tylerwhitworth tylerwhitworth Human from Utah, United States

So how’s this? Compared to the first one? I want to rework the coloring a bit, but I like where the colors are.

Also… I couldn’t find any specific guidelines, but does DBH have a color limit?

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